Waste water, kill a fish

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Having a hard time caring about water conservation in your home? Turn the faucet off, or your little fish is going down.

I’ve been guilty of it for sure – letting the water run when I’m searching for my toothbrush, picking up a dropped toothpaste cap, groping for a towel to dry my face. I take it for granted, as if it’s an endless resource.

Designer Yan Lu came up with the Poor Little Fish Basin to help get the issue a little more in our faces. A fishbowl sits on top of a freestanding pedestal sink with a happy little goldfish looking you in the eyes each time you wash your hands.

Two separate pipes are attached, meaning the fish water is not the water you gargle with. But every time you wash, the water level in the fishbowl drops as well. Conserve, or be labeled a fish-killer.

It’s an interesting concept. One thing I’d be interested to know, if anyone actually ever used it, is whether by doubling the amount of water per wash (i.e. water from the faucet and water from the fishbowl) makes a negative impact as far as conservation goes. But it’s a cute idea to make water conservation a more visual concept for consumers.

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