43 skateboard magazine campaigns for funds

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I know very little to nothing about skateboarding. But I fully embrace anyone who challenges the status quo.

Started by Allen Ying, a skateboard photographer in New York City, 43 will be a magazine featuring high quality skateboard photographs. 43, or the front-side non-comply trick, the skater puts one foot down and turns the board around, while continually moving forward. In its traditional style, 43 presents the essence of skateboarding by not complying with conventional guidelines and formula.

On the Kickstarter site, Allen states:

Magazines play an essential role in skateboarding’s heritage, documenting the culture. 43 is the skateboard publication devoted to the unfiltered portrait of real skateboarding.

The format challenges the status quo by design. The magazine fits the size of a 12″ vinyl record cover. Printed in the USA with vegetable-based ink and 100% post-consumer waste uncoated paper, it is intended to be environmentally-friendly and a museum piece in paper format.

At each publication release, a gallery show will allow readers and fans to view high quality shots from the issue and other pieces from the skateboarding world. The show also includes a catered open bar reception.

43 is seeking $20,000 in funding for print and materials to get off the ground. Will they make it?

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